IPTV Headend

The ARANTIA IPH-2010 headend is the most efficient solution on the market for the reception and streaming of IPTV channels, allowing Operators, Hotels, Corporations, administrative buildings and custom projects to distribute advanced IPTV and Digital TV services with maximum quality and reliability.

The IPH-2010 headend is the ideal solution for TV broadcasters, irregardless of their size, migrating to an IP distribution over ADSL/VDSL, FTTH or Cable. It also allows analogical and digital channels to be broadcasted simultaneously, permitting the distribution of IP channels over the trunk network, and improving efficiency in the use of bandwidth.

It integrates all of the functions in one box, permitting the selection of multiple inputs and outputs, including a wide range of input, descrambling, rescrambling and remultiplexing interfaces, thus allowing services to be added for distribution over all kind of networks in an efficient manner.

  • Configured as high-density receiver
  • IPH-2010 allows services from different sources to be integrated including
  •     IP
  •     DVB-S/S2
  •     DVB-C
  •     DVB-T,
  • with outputs in ASI or IP, among others.